Step 1

Download the App

STREADS is one of the top health and fitness rewarding app on Android App Store and yes it is free. Download now

Step 2

Create your Account

Create your account and start earning the moment you take your first step.

Step 3

Start Moving

STREADS records your steps from all type of movements right from walking, running, jogging, playing etc
Start completing goals and participate in challenges.

Step 4


No more panic of downgrading for not able to complete 5k/10k/15k…nos of steps every day. At STREADS, we do acknowledge the importance of continuity. Just try to complete your loop every day. In case you missed it today, there is always tomorrow. Every week is a new week and every day is a new day.

Step 5

Be a Leader

The more you are disciplined in completing the loop ,the more are the chances of your winning amazing rewards. At STREADS your steps will always sum up to some rewards.