The Introduction of technology into our lives has been limiting our capabilities and energy utilization. Hospitals reports are filled with cases of obesity and other related diseases that are totally avoidable, if we just walk and sweat it out.

We tried to find out the reason that what was limiting us to do such a basic stuff like Walking. Is it lack of time? Is it lack of commitment? No, in most of the cases, it was lack of motivation. We have started finding excuses.

It was a huge challenge on our part to give you a reason to walk. We brainstormed over many ideas and found that many people didn’t mind spending some bucks on home services rather than walking to grocery shop. Some felt walking their dog or walking to the neighborhood should be more rewarding than just a walk.

To create something so exciting that pays people for doing a simple thing as walking, birthed Streads. Streads was started with the vision that people could earn rewards doing just what they loved doing or what they should do to improve their health.

It’s more than just the rewards for us. Moving with purpose will change your fitness work-out. Believe us, providing motivation for people to do the hard work of getting fit or just enjoying a walk has been so much fun to us and we are set to work going all guns blazing.